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Welcome to the website of Fjelland Real estate and Farm Mg! I’m Bradley Fjelland, your agent in real estate in Radcliffe, IA. I’m glad to you stopped by my site, and if you’re considering buying or selling a home, I hope to meet you in person soon.
As a real estate agent, I specialize in working with first-time buyers of homes and land. Nothing makes me happier than helping others achieve their dream of home ownership or buying that perfect piece of land.
Selling real estate is also a way for me to introduce newcomers to my hometown of Radcliffe, IA. I’m proud of my town and it gives me great pleasure to help new residents find a wonderful home in Radcliffe. Because I’ve lived here for many years, I have an outstanding familiarity with the area surrounding Radcliffe, including greater Hardin County, as well. This allows me to provide my clients with the most up-to-date properties in the town of their choice.
Whether my clients are buying or selling a home, my extensive knowledge of real estate enables me to provide the best possible experience for my clients. Because I listen very carefully to my clients, I find out what each individual client needs. Keeping this knowledge in mind, I help them avoid possible problems and issues in the buying and selling process.

My expertise also makes purchasing a home much more pleasurable for my clients who are first-time buyers. The buying process can be very confusing for first-time buyers—the ins and outs of putting forth an offer, escrow, inspection can make a person’s head spin! My years of real estate knowledge enables me explain the process clearly to first-time buyers, which does away with any lingering confusion they may have.
Living in a small town is one of the best experiences about growing up in the United States. Neighbors know each other and care about each other. Although larger towns may have more conveniences to offer, my town of Radcliffe offers a feeling of living in a true neighborhood, next door to people who know you and care about you.
My other area of specialty is buying and selling land in Radcliff and the surrounding area and towns of Hardin County. If you’re looking for land, I can help you find the piece of property that fits your needs.
Have any questions? Please feel free to give me a call at INSERT NUMBER, and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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