Some folks have called me a real estate expert and I have to admit that I really like that title!  I honestly really enjoy what I do each day as a real estate professional. Whether I am acting as a residential real estate agent or working with a client to purchase a piece of land,  I get an immense amount of satisfaction from the smile on my client’s face when they shake hands on a deal.

As a real estate agent in Radcliffe, IA, I know the local market because that local market happens to be my hometown.  And because it is my hometown, I’m particular proud of how my work benefits Radcliffe as well as how much it benefits my clients.

If you watch some of the more popular TV reality shows about real estate agents in big cities, it might be hard for you to imagine the “exciting” life of a real estate agent in a small town in the American Midwest.  And you would be right. My life is not exciting in the same way most people would define the word but not all of us need that type of excitement.  To some of us, satisfaction is more important.

As a realtor, I get the satisfaction of helping my clients find a home that they can love, a home in which they can raise a family, a home in which they can retire.  I get a thrill of satisfaction seeing those same families in our town of Radcliffe, seeing them enjoying their lives in a home that I helped them buy.  That’s my type of excitement, making my clients happy!

On the personal side, I really do enjoy living in a small American town. People are friendly because everyone knows everyone else, and people care about the health and welfare of their neighbors.  People reach out to each other to help in a time of need.  One hundred years ago, people needed this communal support to survive in times of crop failure or a blizzard or a drought.

Even though the town is now not so dependent upon the land to give them a living, the town of Radcliffe has carried down the tradition of neighbors caring for neighbors.  It’s one of the great benefits of living in a small town.

Add to that summers filled with backyard barbecues and winters that resemble a Norman Rockwell painting, and you’ll understand why I am so committed to my life in Radcliffe and my work as a real estate agent.  I get to introduce others to this life that I enjoy so much!